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Business plan development, investment studies, and cost-benefit analysis

Business plan development, investment studies, and cost-benefit analysis

Business Planning and Investments

We create business plans for entrepreneurs and those who will become entrepreneurs. As well as for those looking to assess the feasibility of a business venture or apply for various funding opportunities. We evaluate the profitability of investments and compare investment options for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their operations and initiate business growth.

You can rely on us for fast, high-quality, and expertly crafted business plans and investment studies tailored to secure funding for your entrepreneurial ideas through institutions, banks, investors, and EU funds. With our support, you have a trustworthy partner who will assist you in presenting your concept in the best possible way, ensuring you gain the trust of potential financiers.

Business Planning

Define your goals and strategy,
attract investors and partners,
ensure financial support,
manage your business more efficiently..

If you want to launch a successful business project, creating a business plan is crucial. At CEO Consulting, we have experience in developing business plans for various types of enterprises. Our experts will assist you in creating a plan tailored to your needs and objectives.

Cost-benefit analysis

Make the right investment decisions,
minimize investment risks,
increase the odds of achieving success,
attract investors and partners.

This tool quantifies results of your business venture and leads to data driven decision making. At CEO Consulting, we have experience in developing cost-benefit analyses for various types of investments. We will assist you in your investment evaluation in order to make the right choice.

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A business plan or an investment study is necessary in the following cases:

- if you want to verify the feasibility of your business idea,
- if you wish to assess the project's profitability,
- if you need to secure funding from banks or investor.

In such situations, our team is at your disposal. It's sufficient to provide us with all the project details that you currently have. We will together fill the gaps and create a professional business plan or investment study suitable for your needs. A professionally crafted business plan or investment study will enable you to present your business concept in a way that allows the reader to easily comprehend your plans and recognize their own interests in your project.

Business Plan and Investment Study Service

Our service includes the creation of all components of a business plan or investment study document, which includes financial projections and descriptive sections of the project. What we require to initiate this process are the details and information available about the venture in question. We will determine all the missing details together later during the cooperation.

Pricing for Business Plan and Investment Study Development

The pricing for developing a business plan or investment study varies for each project. The price depends on the project complexity and the level of consultant involvement. The cost primarily depends on the time required to understand the project and develop the solution. Prices can range from hundreds to several thousand euros, depending on the number of hours spent developing the particular documentation. If you have inquiries related to your project, please feel free to reach out to us. Once we've established exactly what we can do for you, we will be able to provide a detailed offer for your project.

Why Should I Hire a Consultant When My Accountant Can Create a Business Plan?

Accountants are experts in the field of financial reporting, which may or may not include financial planning. Financial planning, capital budgeting, and financial analysis fall within the realm of finance, not accounting. Most accountants can manage budgeting necessary for a business plan. However, you must understand that creating a business plan and investment study requires additional engagement, which can take several weeks to several months of work. Unless this is included in your service package, such collaboration is an extra cost. The question you should ask yourself is whether you want to burden your accountant with additional work on top of their current workload and receive a document that meets the form's requirements, or hire an expert who will focus on providing you not only the form but also a high-quality, expertly written content.

What Information Do I Need to Provide for a Business Plan or Investment Study?

Once we agree to collaborate and sign a confidentiality agreement, we will need a detailed understanding of your idea. The more information you share with us, the higher the quality of the result, meaning the business plan or investment study document. Through dialogue, we will guide you through topics you may not have fully developed.

Also, we will encourage you to overthink the potential risks and threats and how to overcome them, as well as opportunities you can profit from. After finalizing the descriptive part of the business plan or investment study, we will focus on financial projections. At that point, we will need all offers for services, goods, and rights required for your business. We will also need your cost calculation estimates and sales forecasts obtained through market research. If you haven't prepared that part, we can advise you on how to do it or include the analyses in your service package.