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Outsourcing HR Manager or Financial Manager

Outsourcing HR Manager or Financial Manager

Virtual and Temporary Management

If your organization needs a professional for project management or business management for a certain period of time, use our knowledge and experience and engage us as a professional associate. We are available online or on-site to effectively address the challenges your organization is facing.

Our team handles tasks related to analyzing, planning, organizing, leading, managing, controlling, and reporting on the resources of your company and projects.

Virtual Management

Increase productivity and efficiency,
reduce operational costs,
attract and retain top talents,
expand your business to new markets.

A virtual manager manages human, financial, and material resources of the organization with the help of digital technologies. At CEO Consulting, we help organizations optimize their resources, eliminate administrative burdens, and increase productivity.

Temporary Management

Project management,
team management,
crisis management,

Temporary management is a service that allows organizations to hire experienced managers for a predetermined period. Temporary managers help address specific challenges or take responsibility for certain projects.

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What are the differences between engaging an external consultant and hiring a person for a managerial position?

The main reason for engaging an external consultant is the lack of necessary competencies within the team. Since this decision carries certain risks and challenges for the organization, it needs to be carefully considered. The main risks relate to communication, data protection, and service quality, so be sure to establish procedures in advance. There are numerous situations where it's better to hire an external expert as opposed to hiring, and vice versa.

Here are some key differences to consider:

1) Scope of work and duration of engagement: If the scope of work is not sufficient for full-time or the project has a set completion deadline, it's better to engage an external consultant. If you need a a manager permanently and full-time, then you will decide for hiring.

2) Approach: External consultants are often more objective and impartial when proposing decisions that have consequences for successful operations.

3) Costs: Fees for external consultants are usually higher than salaries in the short term. However, when invoiced, the entire fee amount is a tax-deductible expense for the employer. In the long term, managerial salaries, bonuses, and the tax treatment of outlays are much more expensive for the organization when hiring a full-time manager.

What is the difference between temporary and virtual management?

Both options allow organizations to engage professionals in leadership roles to address business challenges. The most significant difference between virtual management and temporary management lies in the approach and duration of the engagement.

A temporary manager is available both online and on-site, depending on the specific needs of the organization and project. A virtual manager is available online. While a virtual manager can be engaged for an extended period, the engagement period for a temporary manager is usually predetermined.