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Solutions for HR Departments

For small companies, it is often not cost-effective to establish a fully staffed and qualified human resources department. The most common reasons for this are limited financial resources and the absence of a need for a full-time team. However, this does not mean there isn't a need for the development of an effective human resources management system, including planning, recruitment, training, mentoring, career development, reward systems, motivation, conflict management, employee departures, and a range of other employee management practices, policies, procedures, methods, and tools.

- Are you familiar with labor market trends?

- Do you fill advertised vacancies without difficulties?

- Have you defined profiles for desirable employees?

- Is your employee turnover rate the same as or better than the industry average?

- Are there conflicts within your team?

- Do your employees receive feedback from their superiors?

- Have you established standards for exit interviews?

If you ask yourself these questions and find negative answers to some or all of them, there is a need to improve human resources management within your organization. Reach out to us, and we can assist you with that. We can help your human resources team develop and implement efficient human resources management methods that won't require a significant amount of additional time and effort. We can undertake projects for which you may not have the capacity within your human resources function. In case you don't have an HR department, we can manage HR-related tasks according to your organization's needs.

We offer the following human resources consulting services:

- Employee satisfaction analysis

- Effective employee management strategy

- Creation and implementation of an employer branding strategy

- Enhancing motivation and fostering a positive work environment

- Developing a rewarding system for employees based on the organization's financial capabilities

- Designing and implementing tools and methods for measuring productivity

- Identifying and implementing adequate systemic support for HR management

- Job description standardization

- Employee profile creation, job advertisement design, and candidate profile-based advertising channel selection

- Assistance in employee selection, interview standards development, and the hiring process

- Development and implementation of standards for introducing new employees to the organization

- Creating employee departure management procedures, conducting exit interviews

- Conflict management techniques development

- Administration: consulting on employment contracts, working hours records, and annual leave records

- Development of internal regulations and decisions

- Development of a code of ethical conduct and other policies and procedures based on the organization's needs