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Solutions for Small and Medium Business Owners

The most crucial resources for any business are money and people. Small business owners often face a shortage of one of these resources when trying to achieve their business goals. Lack of capital and inadequate management are the most common reasons for business closures.

According to Eurostat, more than 19% of newly established companies in Croatia shut down in their first year of operation. Nearly 49% of companies do not survive a five-year period in business. Don't let your business become part of these grim statistics. Instead, ask yourself some of the following questions:

- Am I effectively meeting my short-term obligations?

- Do I have a sustainable plan to address long-term liabilities?

- Do I have both short-term and long-term strategies for my organization?

- Do I have sufficient capital to achieve my business goals?

- Am I easily filling open job positions?

- Is my product or service competitive in the market?

- Do I know what my competition is doing to succeed?

If the answer to any of these questions is negative, please contact us to help you change that. We can provide financial consulting services to help you secure the necessary capital and optimize your expenses and revenues.

If you are planning an investment, we can assess the profitability of your investment, calculate the payback period, and evaluate the financial and non-financial impacts of such a business decision.

Our Financial Business Consulting Services Tailored for Your Needs:

- Analysis of financial performance of the company and comparison with competitors

- Cost analysis

- Cost minimization strategy

- Profit maximization strategy

- Preparation of business plans for financing business projects

- Documentation preparation for attracting non-refundable funding

- Identifying the optimal source of funding for business ventures

- Investment decision assessment

We can also assist you in effective human resource management through the analysis of the current situation and the proposal of specific measures to create and maintain a motivated and productive team. We can save your time by taking over the administrative aspects of the HR function or design an employer branding strategy and help you implement its processes and practices within your organization.

Human Resources Services for You:

- Employee satisfaction analysis

- Effective employee management strategy

- Creating an employee rewards system

- Development and implementation of tools and methods to measure productivity

- Improving motivation and creating a positive work environment

- Employee recruitment and training

- Administrative HR tasks

- Development and implementation of an employer branding strategy