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Solutions for Small and Medium Business Managers and Executives

Managers and business leaders are the most crucial individuals in an organization as they are responsible for managing resources in order to achieve organizational objectives. Through their work, managers directly impact an organization's financial results. Depending on the scope of their authority and responsibilities, managers may or may not make business decisions, but they are always responsible for their implementation. Managers of small and medium-sized businesses often face challenges in management, leadership, organization, and control. You can use these questions to determine if this is the case in your organization:

- Is my employee retention rate good and showing a positive trend?

- Do employees have good communication with their superiors?

- Are all employees clear about their tasks?

- Do I monitor and measure my employees' productivity?

- Do I receive feedback from my subordinates?

- Are business operations and reporting carried out within agreed deadlines?

- Are behavioral norms and communication standards respected within the organization?

If your answer to one or more of these questions is negative, it is necessary to further investigate the reasons. One of the possible reasons for poor performance relates to ineffective management. The employee retention/turnover rate and productivity rate can clearly indicate potential issues with leadership, organization, and business operations management. The source of the problem does not necessarily have to be in the manager's competencies, as there are several reasons why a good manager may perform poorly. Engage us to discover what the challenge is for your organization and let us help you overcome it.

From the field of management, we can offer you the following services:

- Design of a master development plan

- Optimization of business processes

Human resources consulting services for your organization:

- Analysis and improvement of the organizational structure

- Development and implementation of tools and methods for measuring productivity

- Creating an employee reward system

- Development and implementation of an employer branding strategy

- Standardization of job positions

- Development of a code of ethical conduct, internal regulations, and procedures

There is a possibility that inefficiency stems from financial management in the organization. In such a case, we can help you by analyzing the situation and identifying opportunities for improving and developing financial allocation methods according to the organization's functions.

Financial consulting suitable for you:

- Analysis of profit and cost centers performance

- Budgeting by organizational functions