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Solutions for Startup Entrepreneurs

This category includes individuals or groups with entrepreneurial ideas that have not yet been realized and entrepreneurs who have launched their business ideas within the last 24 months. The most common challenge faced by the first group is business planning and forecasting.

Planning is a process that requires a lot of effort and energy, with a foundation of comprehensive analysis. It's necessary to explore:

- The sales market,

- Competition,

- Labor market,

- Institutional environment,

- Procurement market,

- Industry trends, and based on all of the above, create a realistic business projection, determine the capital required to start the business, and where it will be sourced from.

The second group most often faces challenges in financing investments and working capital for their business venture, which is connected to planning. In practice, it often happens that some costs were incorrectly estimated. For example, it may not have been planned to obtain a certain necessary permit, which can temporally delay the start of the business and financially impact the entrepreneur. Initial capital might not take into account working capital financing, leading to liquidity problems and the need for additional capital.

If you're encountering these challenges or any other specific issues related to implementing your business venture, you can reach out to us for assistance.

In the planning and business startup phase, we can support you with financial advisory services, including:

- Business entity selection consultation,

- Market research,

- Creating business plans for entrepreneur's needs,

- Creating business plans for financing business projects,

- Consultation on financing methods for the business venture,

- Documentation preparation for attracting non-refundable funding.

Our services include financial and operational management consulting, so don't hesitate to contact us for:

- Financial management,

- Capital budgeting,

- Process optimization,

- Inventory management and production process optimization,

- Human resource management,

- Data collection and analysis,

- Identifying new business opportunities and partnership development.